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We got your assets tracked and connected, no matter your industry. 

Our hardware, software, and sensors have been developed to withstand the harshest environment and elements required of multiple industries. 

Learn how our devices and technology can help you.

Easily track medical equipment or personnel 

With real-time tracking of equipment, healthcare workers can stop wasting time looking for equipment, and spend more time providing care. 


Gain situational awareness across all locations and equipment.

Understanding when racks and tools arrive at locations can save you time and reduce manual labor. Our trackers will update automatically to streamline data into one unified platform.

Data Centers

Real-time tracking for high-value personnel, equipment, and vehicles. 

With challenges in global supply chain management and operating in hectic environments, Allosense can improve the reliability and usability of accurate tracking of critical supplies which leads to improved operations and increased security.


Never guess where your inventory or products are again

With Allosense trackers, warehouse managers will know exactly where assets are at all times, preventing loss and avoiding asset recovery efforts. 

Customers can run audits of inventory and customize reports to gain a holistic view of the entire operation, identify inefficiencies, and improve planning. 


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