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Partners and Accelerators

We are appreciative to work with our strategic partners to fulfill our mission.

AFWERX - The US Air Force's Innovation Hub.  Allosense was awarded an Air Force contract under the Small Business Innovation & Research (SBIR) Open Topic 19.3 Program.

Amazon Web Services Competition

San Antonio Manufacturers Association - Allosense is a proud member of the San Antonio Manufacturers Association.

AFWERX - The US Air Force's Innovation Hub.  Allosense was awarded an Air Force contract under the Small Business Innovation & Research (SBIR) Open Topic 19.3 Program.

Roman Sandoval

Chief Executive Officer,


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Christopher Benner

Vice President, Engineering and Manufacturing

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Brandi Clinard

Director, Technical Marketing

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Capital Factory Accelerator - Allosense is part of the Capital Factory 2020 Accelerator in Austin, Texas.

Digital Twin Consortium - Allosense is an active member of the Digital Twin Consortium.

AFCEA Alamo Chapter - Allosense is a proud corporate member of AFCEA Alamo Chapter.

Geekdom - Allosense has partnered with Geekdom since incorporation.  The Geekdom community has been instrumental to Allosense's success. Allosense is part of the Geekdom PreAccelerator 2020 in San Antonio, Texas.

SBIR Tap - Allosense is part of the SBIR Tap 2020 Program, sponsored by Air Force Research Lab and the Wright Brothers Institute.

Encountering Innovation - Allosense is a participant of the Encountering Innovation Program at Kansas City in 2019 and 2020.

3GPP - Allosense is a member of 3GPP and is adding 5G compatibility across its devices.

About Us

Allosense was founded to build the best sensors and measurement systems. Our technology aims to improve processes and quality by providing reliable metrics for automated decision making. We engage businesses by identifying target metrics and implement technologies to collect data for achieving those target metrics.


Allosense designs and manufactures hardware and software across the entire industrial internet-of-things stack, providing a high-performing sensor platform. The company enables insights from the use of distributed, connected sensors such as asset trackers.


Allosense provides asset tracking technologies for commercial and military applications. Our technology helps manage equipment and processes while gaining a clearer common operational picture (COP). Our goal is to derive an optimal approach of sustainability in logistics, equipment monitoring, and materiel management.

Allosense specializes in high-volume test and measurement solutions. We work with large industrial partners and integrate turn-key measurement solutions for improving quality and yield of electronics while reducing time-to-market of new product introductions.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality product and performance. Our team has a proven track record of customer success, and some have called us the "SWAT" team of vendors.


Our team is composed of engineering and design experts from Tesla, Apple, Qualcomm, Intel, Eaton, and the US Air Force.

Customer Success is Paramount.

We are Results Oriented and Data-Centric.

We uphold Integrity, Trust, and Respect.

We lead with Intention, Humility, and Self-Improvement

We support our Community and Embrace Individuality.