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About Us

Allosense's purpose is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by providing cutting-edge sensors and measurement solutions. We believe that electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and our goal is to make the manufacturing process more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. We are committed to delivering top-quality products that meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.

At Allosense, we have a set of values that we abide by. We believe that these values are essential to our success, and they guide us in everything we do.

Customer Success is Paramount:
Our customers' success is our success. We are committed to understanding our customers' needs and providing them with solutions that exceed their expectations. We strive to create a customer-centric culture that puts our customers first and ensures their satisfaction.

We are Results Oriented and Data-Centric:
At Allosense, we are results-oriented and data-centric. We believe that data provides us with insights that help us make informed decisions and improve our products continually. We use cutting-edge technology and the latest research to provide our customers with top-quality sensors and measurement solutions.

Uphold Integrity, Trust, and Respect:
We are committed to upholding integrity, trust, and respect in everything we do. We believe in being honest, transparent, and ethical in our business practices. We strive to create a culture of trust and respect, where everyone is treated with dignity and fairness.

Lead with Intention, Humility, and Self-Improvement ("Kaizen"):
At Allosense, we believe in leading with intention, humility, and self-improvement. We are committed to continuous improvement, both personally and professionally. We embrace the Japanese philosophy of "Kaizen," which means constant improvement, and we strive to apply it to everything we do.

Support our Community and Embrace Individuality:
We believe in supporting our community and embracing individuality. We are committed to giving back to our community and supporting causes that are important to us. We also celebrate individuality and diversity and believe that it is essential to our success.

In conclusion, Allosense is an IIoT company that is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Our purpose is to provide cutting-edge sensors and measurement solutions that advance electric vehicle manufacturing and equipment monitoring. Our values of customer success, being results-oriented and data-centric, upholding integrity, trust, and respect, leading with intention, humility, and self-improvement, and supporting our community and embracing individuality guide us in everything we do.

AFWERX - The US Air Force's Innovation Hub.  Allosense was awarded an Air Force contract under the Small Business Innovation & Research (SBIR) Open Topic 19.3 Program.

Amazon Web Services Competition

San Antonio Manufacturers Association - Allosense is a proud member of the San Antonio Manufacturers Association.

Roman Sandoval

Chief Executive Officer,


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Christopher Benner

Vice President, Engineering and Manufacturing

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Brandi Clinard

Director, Technical Marketing

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Capital Factory Accelerator - Allosense is part of the Capital Factory 2020 Accelerator in Austin, Texas.

Digital Twin Consortium - Allosense is an active member of the Digital Twin Consortium.

AFCEA Alamo Chapter - Allosense is a proud corporate member of AFCEA Alamo Chapter.

Geekdom - Allosense has partnered with Geekdom since incorporation.  The Geekdom community has been instrumental to Allosense's success. Allosense is part of the Geekdom PreAccelerator 2020 in San Antonio, Texas.

SBIR Tap - Allosense is part of the SBIR Tap 2020 Program, sponsored by Air Force Research Lab and the Wright Brothers Institute.

Encountering Innovation - Allosense is a participant of the Encountering Innovation Program at Kansas City in 2019 and 2020.

3GPP - Allosense is a member of 3GPP and is adding 5G compatibility across its devices.

Dash Platform

Allosense Dash is a software platform for engineers and manufacturers. At its core, it is a data fabric that contains a unified dashboard for industrial equipment, instruments, and sensors. Dash enables a seamless approach to connect devices to manufacturing networks. Instead of manually integrating instrument code that wastes valuable engineering time and delays production, Dash enables a secure and easy method for data ingestion and enhanced analysis.


Allosense Dash was designed specifically for electric vehicle battery manufacturing. With the rapid growth of electric vehicles in the market, the need for efficient, reliable, and scalable battery manufacturing solutions has become more critical than ever. Dash aims to bridge the gap by seamlessly integrating industrial instruments and measurement systems into a factory network, ensuring streamlined and real-time data exchange.

Allosense Dash is built on cutting-edge technology that empowers manufacturers to optimize their production processes, enhance quality control, and drive operational efficiency. By leveraging the power of Allosense Dash, businesses can unlock new levels of performance, visibility, and analytics for their electric vehicle battery manufacturing operations.

Key features include:

  1. Real-time Data Integration: Allosense Dash enables the collection and processing of real-time data from multiple sources, such as sensors, instruments, and measurement systems. This helps manufacturers make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

  2. Scalability and Flexibility: Allosense Dash can easily be scaled up or down to accommodate the needs of any size of battery manufacturing operation. The system is designed to adapt to changes in production volumes, manufacturing processes, and data requirements.

  3. Advanced Analytics: The platform offers advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities performed on cataloged data, enabling manufacturers to gain insights, predict potential issues, and optimize their processes for maximum efficiency and quality.

  4. Enhanced Security: Allosense Dash has been designed with robust security features, ensuring that your valuable data and network remain protected from potential threats.

  5. Easy Integration: The platform is designed for seamless integration with existing factory networks, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for enhancing the performance of manufacturing equipment.


Allosense Dash is the future of electric vehicle battery manufacturing, providing a comprehensive and innovative solution for connecting and managing industrial instruments and measurement systems. By adopting Allosense Dash, manufacturers can unlock new efficiencies, improve product quality, and drive significant growth in the ever-expanding electric vehicle market.


Without Allosense Dash

Customers write code to integrate manufacturing equipment and sensors to the factory network.


With Allosense Dash

Customers connect to simple API calls to Dash, which handles secure data sharing in the factory network.

Contact Us for more details or for a demo of our latest release.

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