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Allosense makes advanced sensors and measurement solutions for electric vehicle battery manufacturing and equipment monitoring.



Allosense delivers critical, industry-leading software for high-volume production test and defense applications. We offer software deployments across various platforms, including embedded/firmware, mobile devices, test system control, and microservices in the cloud.


Allosense specializes in manufacturing internet-of-things trackers, testers, and data acquisition solutions. We engineer and design our hardware in the United States. We carefully select our vendors for manufacturing and assembly.


Customer success is paramount. Allosense offers dedicated support from our team of world-class engineers. We go on-site and deliver support above the call of duty. Our support team maintains communications with our customers because we know your success is our success.


Allosense is an internet-of-things company that makes advanced sensors and measurement solutions. We automate decision-making capabilities by streamlining software and sensor connectivity. Allosense specializes in advanced manufacturing, automated test and measurement, and logistics. Our goal is to reduce waste by supporting the digital transformation of businesses, one sensor at a time.

Selected By

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Test

Operations, Aerospace Ground Equipment

Space and Nuclear Test Equipment

Defense Logistics, Materiel Management

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