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Never Lose Products Again

Stop guessing or back tracking where your inventory or equipment could be. With Allosense, we can help warehouses improve operations and efficiencies while reducing manual labor and errors.  

Allosense can fully automate the location tracking of your warehouse stock with ease. Know exactly where all of your products are at all times. Use analytics to refine stock locations and improve efficiency with storage and retrieval of high mobility goods.

Warehouse Stock Tracking

Warehouse Stock Tracking Features

Real-Time Visibility

With our trackers, you will gain real-time location data for all stock within your warehouse. Never go hunting for lost items again.

Reduce Error

By removing the need for manual tracking, data entry errors are greatly reduced and losing track of stock becomes a thing of the past.

Customized Alerts

Receive notifications when stock moves. This can help operators ensure they have picked the right items, by alerting them if they pick up the wrong stock item.

Data Monitoring 

Monitor all trackers and assets on one platform. Reduce loss by keeping track of every item and its history of where or when it was moved.  

Get insights and real time location data for all of your forklifts, pallet jacks, and warehouse heavy equipment with Allosense. Know where your heavy equipment or stock is at all times. Identify choke points, minimize equipment downtime, and never go searching for lost stock again.

Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking Features

Easy, Consistent Tracking

Eliminate guessing and back tracking.  Always locate and know exactly where your equipment is with easy, consistent tracking.

Identify Chokepoints 

Use analytics to find chokepoints and assign equipment to tasks in real-time to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Improved Analytics

Keep tabs on equipment utilization, ensuring that there is minimal wasted time in operations. 

Accurate and Flexible

Have coverage and insights into your warehouse wherever you are located. Access your data on any device. 

Software Features

Our powerful, flexible, and user-friendly software allows you to track all your equipment and inventory in one platform. Streamline your processes and reduce manual labor and tracking with Allosense trackers and software. 

Powerful Reporting

Generate reports on stock movements, current stock levels, picker efficiency, and more with the Allosense dashboard.

Real-Time Tracking

Quickly search and locate any tagged item in your warehouse with a few clicks. All trackers' information is stored and updated instantly on our platform. 

Customize Alerts

Set up alerts when stock becomes low, new stock needs to be ordered, when shipments arrive, or when security-sensitive stock moves.

Easy Integration 

Integrate with your current system using the Allosense API. Notifications can easily integrate into your preferred application. 

Know Exactly Where your Products are at All Times 

See how our tracker, the Pebble-ATX can help locate stock as they move in and out of warehouses in real-time.

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