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Unified, Secured Platform

The Allosense software platform enables businesses to track assets in real-time 24/7, view analytics, and provide valuable insights from one unified dashboard. 

Accurate and Powerful Data

Monitor assets and their environment with real-time information and get insights on these conditions and more. 

Real-Time Tracking

View all your assets live in a single platform that allows you to see in map, satellite, traffic, or street view.

Customized Alerts

Reduce loss by knowing the exact location and status of your assets and be notified when there's been unauthorized activity. 

Advance Reporting

From ad hoc reports to historical analysis, our platform lets you connect to your data whenever you need, however you need.


View real-time and historical data for each tracker through any browser or device. Our software allows you to easily manage your trackers, set conditions for alerts, and customized reports as you need. 

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