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Pebble-I is our lightest, reliable, and most compact tracker with real-time sensing capabilities for indoor optimized tracking. Whether it's equipment or personnel, you can now track in all dimensions and senses including height, width, temperature, depth (3D), and precision location. 

Medical Facilities

In medical facilities, the knowledge of the locations of medical equipment and personnel must be known at all times, especially during emergency situations. The Pebble-I operates with real-time location services, where the 3D location of assets is known at all times. The Pebble-I can be easily attached to these assets, configured to send data up to 50 times a second, and remains in low power mode when not in motion.

Data Centers

Data centers have large footprints and are jammed packed with thousands of servers. The Pebble-I is an inexpensive, lightweight tracker that can operate in highly dense server rooms or across multiple facilities. You can track the location of any equipment or tools in real-time and with the Pebble-I you can also sense temperature or lighting. Create custom alerts or notifications for when your servers are not cool enough or when any equipment arrives at your site.

Use Cases

Extremely Light

Pebble-I is our smallest and lightest tracker at just 20 grams (.7 oz) making it perfect for personnel or discreet tracking.

Indoor Optimized

The Pebble-I can track your assets anywhere in a building with its sensing range of up to 200 ft. 

Fully Customizable

Customizable, define update intervals when to trigger alerts, set low power state parameters, and more. 

Gain real-time and immediate visibility of your assets. Pebble-I provides location updates 50 times a second. 

Precision Accuracy

Technical Details

Long Battery Life

With low power mode when not active, you won't have to worry about keeping units charged. Pebble-I boasts a battery life of up to 10 years. 

Multi-Sensing Capabilities

The Pebble-I, in addition to location, has the ability to sense acceleration, temperature, and lighting.

Customized Alerts

Trigger alerts and integrate notifications the way you want. Our devices can send alerts to your email, phone, Slack, and more. 

Rapid Setup

Rapid deployment anywhere with no additional infrastructure. Start tracking assets and gain insights almost immediately. 

Precision Accuracy

Track assets and inventory in high resolution, within centimeters of a physical location, with updates every few seconds. 

Unique Identifiers

Each tracker has an embedded barcode and unique identifiers making it easy to scan the unit and designate trackers. 

Key Features

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