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The Allosense Pebble-ATX is our smallest full feature and most versatile small form factor tracker available at only 4 inches squared. Weather sealed and tested for use in harsh environments, you can be confident it will reliably stand up to any punishing conditions.  

Cargo Tracking

Ensure your cargo does not become the victim of theft during transport with the Pebble-ATX​. Receive custom notifications when cargo moves and track down misplaced or stolen cargo with ease.  Our advance connectivity network will ensure tracking from anywhere on the planet. 


Track critical assets like vehicles and equipment, to ensure that they stay safe, secured, and easy to locate. Weather hardened and always connected, the Pebble-ATX is ready for nearly any environment, regardless if you're at home or overseas. 

Medical Equipment

Know exactly where to find your in-use or stored medical equipment. Stop wasting time searching for in-use or standby medical equipment, wherever it is in your facility. Gain real-time visibility whenever you need it.  

Use Cases

Always Connected

Multiple tracking technologies allow for tracking in and outside of buildings and within all types of environments. 

Unique Identifiers

Each tracker has a unique identifier and barcodes to make associating each tracker with its asset details easy and painless.

Fully Customizable

Customizable, define update intervals, when to trigger alerts, how to receive notifications, set low power state, and more. 

Versatile Design

Designed for easy mounting to assets by using built-in holes which allows for flexibility. Its small form allows for discreet placement.

Technical Details

Durable by Design

The Pebble-ATX is operational from -22 F to 140 F to meet almost any condition required of it. 

Multi-Sensing Capabilities

The Pebble-ATX, in addition to location, will sense parameters like acceleration, temperature, and humidity.

Customized Alerts

Trigger alerts and integrate notifications the way you want. Our devices can send alerts to your email, phone, Slack, and more. 


The Pebble-ATX small form structure boasts a 4-inch square design and weighs just 8 ounces. 

Precision Accuracy

Track assets and inventory in high resolution, within centimeters of a physical location, with updates every few seconds. 

Long Battery Life

Our trackers come equiped with a low power-saving mode when not in use and can last 5 years of use before recharge. 

Key Features

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