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How Tracking Should Be

Allosense trackers are built tough using industry-leading, military-grade hardware and software. They utilize multiple communication and seeing systems to provide complete transparency into the status of your assets using our real-time cloud-based software.

Improve your team's and asset's visibility, productivity, and efficiency today.

Lower Cost & Increase Efficiency 

Allosense customers gain a wealth of insight into their assets' location and environmental conditions at all times. 

Using our analytics data can increase accountability, automate manual processes, and virtually eliminate risk and loss. 

Accuracy as a Standard 

Monitor your products indoors, outdoors, and in harsh environments. With Allosense's satellite, cellular, and mesh connectivity technology, you can trust that our sensors are always connected. 

The Most Powerful Tracking Technology Yet

We engineered our trackers to excel in 3 aspects: sense, compute, and communication. By leveraging new technologies, our devices are energy-optimized, have secure compute circuits, and are able to track temperature, humidity, light, location, and vibration.  

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