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Fleet Tracking

The OMNI tracker can provide real-time data and analytics about your fleet. Fully weatherproof and features a 10-year battery life, the OMNI tracker is the ideal solution to gaining real-time insights and analytics about your fleet's movement. Improve efficiency, reduce waste, and grow your operations with the OMNI tracker. 

Tracking in Harsh Environments 

Weather hardened, ready for action, and trusted by the military to track their assets, the OMNI is designed to handle even the toughest environments. The sealed unit is weatherproof, boasts a 10-year battery life, and utilizes multiple forms to track technology to ensure no matter what environment it operates in, the OMNI will be ready to transmit the location of your assets. 

Use Cases


The most powerful and versatile tracker on the market. Trusted by the military to keep visibility of assets across a wide range of environments and conditions.

Long Battery Life

With low power mode when not active, you won't have to worry about keeping units charged. OMNI will notify you it needs to recharge. 

Unique Identifiers

Embedded barcodes make it easy to scan the unit into the Allosense software, reducing opportunities for mistakes.

Fully Customizable

Set and define update intervals when to trigger alerts, set low power state parameters, and other customizable features. 

Industrial Design

Designed for easy mounting to assets by using 4 pre-cut holes which allows for flexibility with mounting options and other methods. 

Technical Details

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With its sealed weatherproof hardened case, the OMNI is built to operate in all types of environments. 

Multi-Sensing Capabilities

The OMNI can sense parameters like location, acceleration, temperature, humidity, vibration, and light.

Customized Alerts

Trigger alerts and integrate notifications the way you want. Our devices can send alerts to your email, phone, Slack, and more. 

Rapid Setup

Rapid deployment anywhere with no additional infrastructure.

Precision Accuracy

Track your assets and inventory in high resolution, within centimeters of a physical location, with updates every few seconds. 


The flexible mounting design allows for easily attaching the ONMI to a variety of assets and surface, regardless of size. 

Key Features

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