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Never Lose Sight of Your High-Value Assets

Our technology will streamline and improve asset management workflows. Now you can easily track millions of supplies, assets, and inventory regardless of where it is in the world. 

Allosense is a proud Small Business Innovation and Research awardee by AFWERX, the US Air Force’s Innovation Hub.

Our trackers protect against inventory misplacement, saving your team countless hours. Our devices are extremely easy to use and help you instantly locate any items. 

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking Features

Military-Grade Security

Our trackers were built with the military's needs in mind. Trust that your assets and data are secured and protected to the highest degree. 

Multi-Sensing Capabilites

Our trackers can collect data on location, position, temperature, humidity, vibration, and light of any asset its attached on.

Always Connected

Leveraging satellite, cellular, and mesh technologies, our devices are always connected, regardless of where your assets are in the world.

Real-Time Visability

Deter misplacement and asset recovery with consistent, reliable, and immediate data of your trackers.

Situational awareness is key to every operation. Manage all your assets with Allosense. Automate inventory control with our software platform, data analysis, and tracking tools. Now, it’s easier than ever to locate your assets and analyze your data to help make the best tactical decisions.

Asset Management System

Asset Management

Streamline Information

Track your assets, equipment or personnel in one dashboard, reducing systems, and complex processes.

Improve Operations

Our system provides real-time insights even in harsh or remote environments.

Sensor Integration

Our trackers can easily connect to any equipment or personnel for seamless tracking integration. Data is automatically uploaded to the platform.   

Long Battery Life

Our self powered trackers have a battery life of up to 10 years and are equipped with low power mode when devices are not in motion.

Software Features

Data Monitoring 

Data from trackers is stored in our secure cloud platform, ready for quick retrieval and customizable reports based on historical information.

Insight Analytics

Our AI software will generate analytics and insight, helping you make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Streamline Information

Information is automatically synced from your trackers to the software, eliminating manual processes and saving employees time.

Real-Time Tracking

All trackers and device information is stored and updated instantly on one single platform, accessible by web or mobile devices.

Our software allows you to track all your assets and/or personnel in one platform. Streamline your processes and reduce manual labor and tracking with Allosense trackers and software. 

Start Tracking your Critical Products and People Today

See how our tracker, the ONMI can help create a more efficient environment and reduce loss immediately. Inquire and pilot this tracker.

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