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Allosense is partnering up with Geekdom to conduct a pilot program to trial its small trackers, also known as "lemons". The technology includes the real-time location services of Allosense's indoor trackers. The study is conducted by tracking across multiple floors in an office environment at Geekdom. The purpose and details of this partnership can be referenced in this article:

Allosense is looking for Geekdom volunteers, preferably members and staff who frequently visit the 8th floor of the building. This study provides the opportunity for volunteers to have first-hand experience with indoor trackers. A 3D view and insights will be shown on the space. We hope to enable opening doors of the Geekdom facility in the near future.


This program is free to volunteers, will last approximately 3 months, and come with some extra perks. For interested Geekdom members, fill out this Google Form and Allosense will reach out to you soon:

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