We are revolutionizing asset management by providing sensors that help generate situational awareness, automate manual processes, and assist in the execution of critical missions.  We leverage existing satellite constellations and are growing our communications infrastructure to support our trackers.

At Allosense, we provide custom manufacturing, design, and development of computer electronics and sensors.

The Allosense Approach

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Allosense produces high quality, military-grade asset trackers to reduce theft and loss. We improve efficiency and operational effectiveness, while reducing overhead costs.


Our trackers meet military requirements for securely tracking valuable assets. Our customers gain the same level of certainty with our devices. 


Unlike other GPS trackers, our devices track in "all senses" - including humidity, temperature, light, vibration, and enhanced location.


Let our tracker and software platform automate processes and alerts into one dashboard to reduce your team's manual work.

Why Allosense?


Minimize search time of critical medical equipment or monitor workplace exposure of personnel with our devices.

Data Centers

Manage valuable assets and tools on a daily basis across multiple facilities from a single, secured platform.


Locate equipment, vehicles, shipments, and personnel, anywhere on the planet in a real-time fashion. 


Protect valuable equipment and inventory from theft, misplacement, or mishaps with real-time tracking and alerts.

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