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Where Innovation Meets Healthcare

Having the ability to track medical equipment and personnel quickly can help save lives, minimize search time, and increase hospital efficiency.

Start Tracking Critical Products and People Today

See how our tracker, the Pebble-I can help create a safer and more efficient workspace. Inquire and pilot this tracker.

With COVID adding pressure and risk to healthcare systems and workers, our small trackers and cloud platform can help hospitals and clinics monitor the contact exposure of healthcare personnel and patients. Our devices can help you reduce risk, provide decision support with data, trace and minimize exposure around the workforce. 

Personnel Tracking

Personnel Tracking Features

Small and Lightweight

Our lightest tracker weighs less than an ounce. Our trackers can easily and non-invasively attach to staff's badges or patient's beds.

Precision Accuracy

Track in complex environments with real-time precision. Locate trackers regardless of floor or crowds.

Customized Alerts

In COVID, monitor patients or staff in isolation to help minimize spread and reduce contamination. Set alerts around geofenced zones or other parameters. 

Data Monitoring 

Monitor all devices and trackers on one platform and organize based on team or type. Run reports for real-time or historical data. 

Our small trackers and cloud platform can help hospitals and clinics monitor the contact exposure of healthcare personnel and patients. 

Software Features

Data Monitoring 

Data from trackers is stored in our secure cloud platform, ready for quick retrieval and customizable reports based on historical information.

Insight Analytics

Gain insights on any data, metrics, or performance to help informed your decision making. Our AI is available to generate analytics. 

Streamline Information

Information is automatically synced from trackers to the software, eliminating manual processes, and saving employees time.

Real-Time Tracking

All trackers and device information is stored and updated instantly on one single platform, accessible on laptops or mobile devices.

Our software allows you to track all your assets and/or personnel on one platform. Streamline your processes and reduce manual labor and tracking with Allosense trackers and software. 

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Equipment Tracking

Imagine being able to find all your life saving medical equipment instantly. With Allosense, your equipment will always be within arm's reach.

3D and Multi-Sensing Capabilities

Collect positional, environmental, and even vibrational data for immediate real-time visibility of assets.

Durable and Long Lasting

Our trackers are small and tough. They can withstand harsh environments, including powerful sterilization washes.

Long Battery Life

Our trackers boast battery life expectancies of up to 10 years, with automatic power saving mode. 

Remote Monitoring and Customized Alerts

Trigger real-time alerts or messages based on geofenced zones or other specific environment limits

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