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Start Tracking your Data Centers and Tools

See how our tracker, the Pebble-I can help create more efficient workflows and instant visibility across your sites today. Inquire and pilot this tracker.

Why Track Your Data Centers?

Don't let your hardware slip through the cracks. Allosense trackers let you know exactly where your hardware is at all times. Automatically keep track of server cabinets, server blades, and more. 

Our trackers are small and versatile and can be attached to a variety of data center equipment to provide consistent real-time tracking of assets. Automatically track the location of your equipment inside your data center, as it travels between locations or moves between facilities and racks.  


Boasting high accuracy, long battery life, and multiple form factors, there's an Allosense tracker that's right for every application. 

Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking Features

Long Battery Life

Our trackers boast battery life expectancies of up to 10 years, requiring minimal management after installation. 

Flexible Trackers

We have multiple trackers with different form factors and features. There is an Allosense tracker that fits every location.

Track From Anywhere

Keep track of your equipment inside your data centers or anywhere in the world with Allosense's expansive network capabilities. 

Highly Accurate

Find your trackers with ease in any environment, including densely packed server rooms or multiple story buildings. 

Tool Cart Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Know exactly and instantly where to find the nearest unused toolcart in your data center.

Inexpensive Trackers

Using the Pebble-I, you can track your assets (big or small) without breaking the bank. 

Track in Complex Enviroments

Our trackers work in high-density complex environments with ease, even in areas with substantial interference.

Easy Monitoring and Reports

Monitor all devices and trackers on one platform. Run reports for real-time or historical data. 

Imagine being able to find all your life saving medical equipment instantly. With Allosense, your equipment will always be within arm's reach.

Software Features

Live Tracking

View active tracking information from the dashboard to see where all your assets are anytime. 

Insight Analytics

Gain insights on any data, metrics, or performance to help inform your decision making. 

View Historial Data

See historial data from your asset: see locations, when and where it moves, speed, temperature, and more. 

Completely Automated 

Track without human intervention. Once a tracker is in the software, it is essentially maintenance free. 

The Allosense dashboard lets you view detailed information about all of your trackers. Know where all of your trackers and assets are in real-time, track their location, movement, check battery life, run reports, and more.

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